צפייה בגרסה מלאה : Israeli Scorpion from AD

31-03-2011, 19:07:23
hello guys
I have a scorpion brand new, never flown, with a deco Israeli.
I'd like to sell it for another project and it is redundant with my big scorpion, is anyone will be interested?
thank you in advance
Here are some pictures.
Eric B

31-03-2011, 19:07:54

01-04-2011, 16:04:55
Hi Eric
It is very nice jet!
by the way , how much the scorpion cost?

01-04-2011, 22:48:44
Hi Avi,
this is:

Scorpio mounted
landing gear simple effect C36, legs and brakes + 2 single electrovalves
AF mounted with double Electrovalve
Kevlar tank 3.2l BVM antibubble installed
exhaust nozzle not placed
servos installed (7 Hitec, 2 futaba 9402 for elevator)
transparent canopy

Price: 2200.00 EUR

normal price at Aviation Design, 2400 € without mounting

This aircraft never saw motor so never flew.

Eric B